27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Kazan 2013 Volunteer Motivation, Recognition and Reward Programme

A unique chance to obtain a once-in-a-lifetime experience in delivering this summer’s major international sporting event, to make thousands of friends from all over the world, to meet the elite of university sports and to practice foreign languages is only a small part of the benefits each volunteer will get becoming a part of the 2013 Summer Universiade.

The Volunteer Department will offer a whole lot of bonuses and surprises to the entire team of volunteer helpers at the 2013 Summer Universiade!

We work with comfort

A great diversity of self-heating lunch boxes from Concord will delight every taste bud.

Volunteers of the 27th Summer Universiade will be provided with free meals during their shifts, free travel to Universiade venues on all public transport*, and a free SIM card from OAO MegaFon, the General Partner of the Games, to communicate with each other within the network using a special tariff. Upon their arrival in Kazan, volunteers from 37 regions of Russia and 25 countries of the world will be accommodated in comfortable and cozy apartments at specially erected residential buildings and will be served meals three times a day.

* Free travel will be available to all Kazan 2013 volunteers from June 20 to July 20 upon presentation of an accreditation badge.

We sport bright colours

Bright uniforms for a 20,000-strong army of Kazan 2013 volunteers were designed by Forward, the Official Sportswear Provider of the Games.

Volunteers will receive a kit including 2 casual t-shirts, a polo for special occasions, a stylish wind jacket, shorts, sweats, a waist bag for personal belongings, comfortable sneakers and a baseball cap that they get to keep after the Games come to an end. The bright and noticeable red colour was chosen for the team of volunteers. Wearing this uniform, they will look sporty, feel dressy and comfortable at the same time, and of course will be easily spotted in the crowd.

We create a festive atmosphere

Best of the best will be awarded with additional gifts carrying the image of the tulip, Uni the snow leopard kitten and the smiling palm, the official logo of Kazan 2013 volunteers.

Bags filled with pleasant and memorable souvenirs – unique and useful goodies that are not available for public sale – will be given to Kazan 2013 volunteers as gifts. The bags will be distributed at venues and volunteers will receive them prior to the start of their shifts. A letter of gratitude signed by FISU President Claude Louis-Gallien and Russia’s leadership will be a great addition to each volunteer’s personal portfolio.

We make ourselves at home

During shifts the volunteers can have some quality time in the volunteer headquarters: the team of each venue ensured that a cozy lounge area will be designated for volunteers to have rest, to socialise and have a chat.

We keep up with innovations

A unique multi-service card, Volunteers’ Card, from OAO AK BARS Bank, the General Partner of the Games, will be an integral part of the accreditation badge. It will serve as a means of access to Universiade venues, be used throughout several key applications, including banking and transportation, and offer a system of benefits, discounts and cash back bonuses from partner companies. Tickets to the Summer Universiade’s cultural and sporting events can also be recorded onto the card.

To find out more about the Volunteers’ Card, click here.

We save money when buying gifts

To get a discount, volunteers need to present their Volunteers’ Cards at KhoroShow’s retail outlets or to use a special code when placing an order online at www.kazan2013.podarki116.ru.

Volunteers will get a discount when purchasing at retail outlets for official Kazan 2013 Summer Universiade merchandise – the podarki116.ru online store and the chain of KhoroShow shops.

We learn recipes for success from celebs

All Kazan 2013 volunteers will have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses hosted by famous athletes, show business personalities and seasoned media representatives, as well as accomplished executive officers of major national and international companies. Kazan 2013 Ambassadors and partner companies of the 27th Summer Universiade will also share their recipes for success.

We have fun

MEGA parties and recognition of best volunteers at the end of each day are in store for all those who love to have fun, to socialise and go to parties. Upon presentation of a Kazan 2013 volunteer accreditation badge, all volunteers will be able to have free meals at the food court and free admission to the skating rink. A grand celebration marking the end of the World University Games awaits all volunteers as a reward for their support in staging the best Summer Universiade ever: the night full of surprises, recognition, gifts and performances at the beautiful Cultural Park with a nice view to the city’s major tourist attractions: Kazan Kremlin, Farmers’ Palace, Kul-Sharif Mosque and Annunciation Carthedral.

Volunteer Motivation, Recognition and Reward Programme

Kazan 2013 Volunteer Motivation, Recognition and Reward Programme

You will get all this and more if you volunteer at the World University Games! Make no doubt about it - Make U Real!

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