27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

4th World University Sport Shooting Championship

The 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship will be held from 4 to 9 September on two venues — Sviyaga Shotgun Range and Shooting Range Complex for Rifle and Pistol Disciplines in the Mirny Village.

The event's organisers are the International University Sports Federation (FISU), Russian Student Sports Union (RSSU) and Executive Committee of the 27th World Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The championship will include 17 individual and 17 team events; 34 gold, 34 silver, 34 bronze medals will be decided during the sporting event. The expected quantity of participants is about 500 athletes. According to the championship's rules, athletes aged 18-27 are eligible to compete in the event, and each country may enter a maximum of forty-two (42) persons.

Sport Shooting is a competitive sport involving tests of accuracy and speed using firearms and airguns. It is divided into pistol and rifle shooting where participants shoot a pistol or a rifle and attempt to hit a 10-ringed target from a set distance and trap and skeet shooting where participants shoot a shotgun and attempt to break clay disks flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles.

Sport Shooting events represented at the championship in Kazan will be Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun.

Participation fees

The registration fee is 60 (sixty) Euro per person per day. The payment can be made in advance or upon arrival.

The Championship participants can pay the fees in Euro, US Dollars and Russian Rubles at the exchange rate set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the day of payment.

Besides, participating countries must pay the additional fee to cover travel costs of the international judges nominated by FISA in amount of 40 (forty) Euro per athlete. It is to be paid to the Organizing Committee in advance or upon the first day of arrival.

The countries that submitted the applications for participating in individual sports are to confirm their participation three months prior to the competitions by paying a deposit of not less than 25% (twenty five) of the total fee per the registered athlete or official into the current account of the Organizing Committee. The remaining sum is to be paid before the participants arrive or upon the first day of arrival.

Accommodation deposit

Universiade Village accommodation deposit will be charged according to the size of delegation:

Number of participants Deposit required
1 — 25             500 Euro
26 — 50          1000 Euro
51 — 75          1500 Euro
76 — 100         2000 Euro
over 100          2500 Euro
Deposit will be charged together with other fees.

Deposit must be paid by credit card.

In case of damage/loss (during their stay) the Head of delegation must compensate the damage according to the price list provided upon arrival. If the damage/loss does not exceed the amount of deposit paid for accommodation, it will be taken from deposit and the rest of sum will be refunded. If the damage/loss exceeds the amount of deposit, the outstanding amount must be paid to the Organizing Committee. If there is no damage or loss, total amount of deposit will be refunded.

Extra officials

The fees for extra officials will be paid in the amount of:

90 (ninety) EUR for each person per day including meals and accommodation in the Universiade Village;
130 (one hundred and thirty) EUR for each person per day including meals and accommodation in the hotel.

In case of early arrival and/or late departure the delegation should pay 90 Euro for meals and accommodation in the Universiade Village for each person per day.

Payment details

NAME: ANO “Ispolnitelnaya direkciya XXVII Vsemirnoi letnei univerciadi 2013 goda v g.Kazani”
ADRESS: Russian Federation, 420107, Respublika Tatarstan, g.Kazan, ul.Baumana, dom 52/7
TIN: 1655068636
Transit account: 40703978145020907025

Address: 420066 Kazan, Russian Federation
Dekabristov street, 1
Correspondent account of AK BARS Bank with Commerzbank AG: 400887063601

Commerzbank AG
Neue Mainzer Straße, 36
60261, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Payment of participation fees for the delegation of ____ (country name)
for the ________(WUC name, for e.g. “4th World University Sport Shooting Championship on September 4-9, 2012 in Kazan”)

На время проведения турнира его участники будут размещены в одноместных, двух- и трехместных номерах Деревни Универсиады — одного из ключевых объектов Универсиады 2013 года.

Universiade Village

Certain ‘special’ transportation will also be envisaged for the Opening and Closing ceremonies as well as for the cultural events and other official dinners. The timetable of the transport will be posted daily the day before, in the evening at the latest in the accommodation, competition and dining areas. Competitors and Team Officials will be provided with appropriate transport for all official needs

A fleet of buses will be used for transport between accommodations and venues for competition and training. This fleet will provide regularly scheduled service on specified routes, plus added services to ensure on-time delivery for competitions and events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The OC Transport function will coordinate with the Transport Committee of the Kazan Executive Committee, who will be ultimately responsible for the delivery of the Transportation Plan. The department has huge experience in providing transport services for major events. Also full cooperation of the Kazan Traffic Police will be secured to enforce the dedicated lanes operation and general traffic control.

Dear media representatives!

Three World University Championships are expected to be held in the capital of Tatarstan in August-September 2012:

12th World University Rowing Championship (August 27-31);
4th World University Sport Shooting Championship (September 4-9);
5th World University Canoe Sprint Championship (September 7-9).
The competitions will take place soon after the end of the London 2012 Olympics and see the participation of top student-athletes from all around the world.

We would like to invite you to take part in the media coverage of above-mentioned events. One accreditation card will be issued for all the Championships. Media outlets willing to participate in the media coverage of the competitions should send a letter on media outlet’s letterhead to media.accreditation@kazan2013.com. The official letter should contain the list of all media representatives planning to participate in the media coverage of 2012 WUCs and must have a signature and a seal by a head of a media outlet.

Please note that mass media questionnaire and mass media representative questionnaire are to be filled in. The forms of questionnaires are enclosed. Pay attention that you should also attach the photo of each media representative indicated in the form. Photo requirements are specified in the form.

Forms should be filled in and sent till August 15, 2012. After this date the accreditation process will be closed.

Press conferences, both major ones, dedicated to the WUCs’ opening/closing ceremonies and sports ones, held at the end of competition finals, will be organised during the test events. All accredited journalists will be invited there.

Buses will be provided between competition venues according to the pre-determined schedule and will operate on venue-specific routes. Journalists will be able to arrive at sports venues one hour prior to the competitions and leave them two hours after the competitions end.

We will be glad to see you at the World University Championships!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Anastasiya Cheredina +7(843)222 07 85, +7(937)772 92 38     
Vlada Golle +7(843)222 07 97, +7(937)615 54 72

In order to obtain the accreditation cards all members of the delegation must fill out participation entry forms indicated below and submit them to the Organising Committee forms@kazan2013.com within the prescribed deadlines. Individual Forms must be submitted not later than August 4th, 2012.

In order to provide convenient and prompt delivery of the Accreditation Cards we kindly ask you to consider requirements specified for the quality of photos you provide. Please attach photo as a separate file. Photo must be named in accordance with FULL NAME_COUNTRY of each participant.

Photo requirements:

  • *.jpg, *.jpeg format.
  • File size should not exceed 512 KB.
  • Resolution of the photo not least 320 x 240 pixels.
  • The background should be white.
  • Taken in full-face view directly facing the camera.
  • Hats or head coverings are only allowed if worn for religious reasons.

Accreditation facility

During the World University Championships accreditation center will be set up in the lobby of the Tennis Academy and used for all client groups (athletes, officials, referees, press and guests, etc).

Accreditation Centre opens 2 days prior to the beginning of the championship and functions daily till the end of the championship.

Kazan Tennis Academy
Orenburgskiy trakt, 101, Kazan, 420059, Russia

On-site accreditation procedure

Upon the arrival to the Accreditation Centre delegations must follow the on-site accreditation procedure:

  1. Head of the Delegation confirms the name list of participants, makes modifications if necessary.

  2. Head of the Delegation confirms departure dates and duration of the stay in the Universiade Village.

  3. Head of the Delegation pays participation fees.

  4. Head of the Delegation makes an appointment with the CIC; the Organising Committee delivers temporary accreditation cards to the participant.

  5. Within the next 24 hours the Head of the Delegation collects document folders of each participant and reports to the FISU CIC at the fixed time. The International Control Committee is designated to control the student eligibility to participate in the FISU events (the authenticity of the national entries, nationality and age of the competitors).

Documents to be presented to the CIC:


  1. Passport or Identity Document.

  2. Individual entry form (I-1) signed and sealed by the FNSU with photo.

  3. FISU Academic Eligibility Form signed and sealed by the university and FNSU; or an original student card; or certificate of the appropriate academic authority certifying that the competitor is officially registered for and pursuing a full-time course of study; or original degree or diploma certificate for former students.


  1. Passport or Identity Document.

  2. Individual Form (I-3) with photo signed and sealed by the FNSU.

On the successful completion of the CIC check, payment of the registration fees, the Accreditation Cards will be issued and delivered to the Heads of Delegations.

The Head of the Delegation distributes Accreditation Cards to the members of the delegation. Participants are required to always keep their cards with them. Identity cards will let the holders to sports venues, any other facilities and services.

Team Managers in declaring the starters of individual and team competitions, must also list the accreditation card numbers of competitors next to their names. Competitors in reporting to the start of any individual or team competition must be prepared to show their accreditation cards to the official in charge.

Participation Entry Forms

Original of the Individual Form and FISU Academic Eligibility Form should be brought to the host city for the CIC approval.

General Entry Form G1

General Entry Form G2

Quantitative Entry Form Q1


Firearm and Ammunition Entry Form

Nominative Entry Form N-1M

Nominative Entry Form N-1W

Nominative Officials Entry Form N-2

Delegation Travel Schedule N-3

Individual Competitor Entry Form I-1

Individual Referees Entry Form I-2

Individual Officials Entry Form I-3

Individual FISU Family and Guest Entry Form I-4

Academic Eligibility Form

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Rehearsal went well
09.09.2012  22:56 – Sport

The 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship, a test event ahead of the 27th Summer Universiade, has come to an end on Sunday, September 9th.

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4th World University Sport Shooting Championship concludes in Kazan
09.09.2012  20:26 – Sport Photo

The solemn closing ceremony of the 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship took place at the Tennis Academy today.

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4th WUC Sport Shooting: Italy and Russia dominate Double Trap
09.09.2012  17:41 – Sport Photo

The 4th World University Sport Shooting Championship concluded today at the Sviyaga Shooting complex. Italy and Russia were two nations that outclassed the rest of the participating countries on Day 5, the final day of the Sport Shooting tournament. The hosts took team gold in the Double Trap final while Italy's leader Antonio BARILLA climbed onto the to spot of the podium in the individual event.

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