27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Regional Youth Non-Governmental Organisation Student League of Republic of Tatarstan

The Student League (RYNGO Student League of the Republic of Tatarstan) is a regional youth non-governmental organisation that unites 23 top higher education institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan and over 100,000 students in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk, Chistopol, Yelabuga and so on. Established in 1996, the Student League is now an active player in the youth policy of both the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia. The organisation conducts a range of activities aimed at protecting rights and promoting interests of Tatarstan students.

The Student League acts as an organiser of a number of large student projects in the Republic of Tatarstan, among them the Student Solidarity Week, Objective League Photo Contest, We Have the Last Word Journalism School, Lobachevsky Memorial Scientific and Research Paper Contest, republican contest of student projects and programmes for student self-governing bodies and specialised secondary education establishments, Top Graduate Student of Tatarstan Awards and two events that have already become legendary - Student Spring Festival and Student of the Year Awards.

Under the cooperation agreement signed with the Kazan 2013 Executive Committee on February 22, 2011 and with the goal of promoting the 27th Summer Universiade among youth, the Student League initiates a series of events focused on selecting and training volunteers for the 2013 Games.

The Polyglot Foreign Language Contest, which is being implemented together with the Kazan 2013 team, helps to select students proficient in multiple foreign languages and assign them to attaché positions. The finest artists and bands from across the republic will be shortlisted at two student talent shows – STUD’Zvezda and Student Spring Festival – to perform at the Kazan 2013 Opening/Closing Ceremonies and other Games-time cultural events. The Student League’s schools for student activists serve as a training ground for specialist volunteers in various functional areas of the Games.

Contact details:
Address: Office 303, 58 Tukaya Street, Kazan, Russia
Tel./Fax: (843) 231-81-41, (843) 231-81-42
Email: ligatatarstan@gmail.com
Website: www.ligastudentov.ru