27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Creative Youth Academy of Republic of Tatarstan

The Creative Youth Academy of the Republic of Tatarstan (OO ATM RT) was founded by leaders of the We… Youth Movement in 2007.

The organisation focuses on revealing and supporting talented youth, encouraging the patriotic upbringing of young generation, developing organisational skills among young people, establishing and strengthening cooperation with NGOs on issues of spiritual growth and protection of youth rights, preventing negative social phenomena among young people through engaging them to creative and social activities.

The Academy of Creative Youth organises a whole array of events and activities that reflect the goals and tasks of the NGO.

Here are some of them:

  • Personnel Reserve (a project aimed at revealing, supporting and promoting talented youth);
  • We… are Healthy – Join Us! (a network project aimed at promoting a healthy way of life);
  • We… are of the Same Blood You and I! (a network project) and Give Your Heart to the City! (a blood donation event);
  • Do not Give – Do not Take (a network project aimed at fighting corruption at higher education institutions);
  • Heroes of Our Time and We… Remember! (projects targeted at patriotic upbringing of youth in the Republic of Tatarstan);
  • Forgotten Games (a project aimed at reviving traditional Russian outdoor games and popularising them among children);
  • Intercultural Dialogue and Its Religious Dimension and We… Vote for PEACE! projects;
  • Start of the Young! (a project aimed at developing youth tourism);
  • We… are One Country, We are One People! (an event dedicated to National Unity Day);
  • We… Support! (an event dedicated to victories of Team Russia at various competitions);
  • We… are for a Clean City! (a network project).

During the FISU Flag Relay, which was held under the slogan ‘Universiade in Your City!’, activists of the Creative Youth Academy collected up to 20,000 votes for the We Vote for Peace! campaign and created 15 huge posters with greetings forwarded to future members of the national team that will be defending Russia’s honour at the 2013 Summer Universiade. The organisation also initiated the flash mob titled ‘We… are Volunteers’ purposed to attract more volunteers. Presentations of the forthcoming Games are held in the School of Activists and various forums facilitated by the organisation.

Contact details:
Address: Office 202, 58 Tukaya street, Kazan, Russia
Tel./fax: (843) 2318161, (843) 2318161
e-mail: akmolrt@gmail.com
Website: www.atmrt.ru