27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

The structure of FISU

As the leading organization of international students sport and the second organization to hold competitions in different kinds of sport in the world, FISU has a flexible and efficient structure.

163 associations form the General Assembly.

The General Assembly meets once in two years, usually during the Summer Universiade. On these meetings the policy of FISU is determined and its financial management is approved. Every four years, the General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Committee, which consists of 23 members, and 5 representatives of the Continental Associations. This Committee represents the Board of Directors of FISU.

The daily administration of the Federation is the responsibility of the Secretary General, who is appointed by the staff and various commissions.

Two important components must be included in the organizational structure: the Organization Committees and International Sport Federations. Secretariat of FISU, the Committees of FISU, Organization Committees and International Sport Federations are working closely during the preparation for sporting events, Universiade and World Championships among students.

Committees of FISU and the Executive Committee appoint the members during their meeting, immediately after the meeting of the General Assembly.

FISU is in close contact with major international sports organizations such as IOC, GAISF, WADA and of course with the mass media. FISU plays an important role in liaison with the political authorities of the countries where FISU activities are conducted.

Key persons of FISU

Claude-Louis Gallien

President of FISU

Oleg Matytsin

1st Vice President of FISU

Stefan Bergh

Vice President of FISU

Eric Saintrond

Secretary General

Marc Vandenplas

FISU Director for the Summer Universiade

John Warnock

FISU International Technical Committee Chair