27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

The committees of FISU

The committees take part in and counsel the Executive Committee on all matters of administration.

There are 12 permanent committees:

  • 1-3. The International Technical Committee: one for the Summer Universiade, one for the Winter Universiade and one for the championships. These committees monitor the technical training, schedule program of sports and holding the events.

  • 4. The Committee for Sports Regulations monitors the observation of rules and proposes new regulations to the Executive Committee.

  • 5. The International Medical Committee monitors the organization of health service and standards of safety and hygiene, follows the procedures for doping control.

  • 6. The International Control Committee monitors compliance with the rules of participation.

  • 7. The Committee for the Education Services promotes the scientific study of university sports through conferences during the Universiade and Forum of FISU.

  • 8. The International Press Committee inspects and monitors all infrastructure and technical support in the location of the press, cooperates with international mass-media for coverage of the events of FISU.

  • 9-10. The Universiade Supervision Committee (Winter and Summer) is responsible for holding Universiade games by inspecting and regular meeting with the leaders of the Organizing Committee.

  • 11. Finance Committee studies a plan of a budget with the Treasurer.

  • 12. The Committee for the Development of University Sports is responsible for the studying of all projects of the development of structure of the FISU and its member associations.

In addition there are temporary committees:
  • Legal Committee counsels the Executive Committee on all legal matters on holding the sport events of FISU.

  • Marketing and Strategic Partnership Committee consists of members of the Executive Committee. They monitor the implementation of the FISU marketing plan.

  • Gender Equality Committee consists of women, who are members of the Executive Committee. It analyzes the position of women in student sports.