27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Mass media

A list of persons responsible for the relations with the media at Universiade competition venues and their contact details are available for download on the Media kit page.

Main Media Centre


Dates of operation: 3 – 18 July 2013
Hours of operation: round the clock

The Main Media Centre is one of the key venues of the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan. The centre is located in a picturesque area of Kazan, it occupies two floors of the Kazan Arena Stadium Western Stands and covers the area of more than 6,200 sq.m.

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Main Press Centre

Work Area of the Main Press Centre

The work area of the Main Press Centre has a seating capacity of 200. Each workplace has wired Internet access, and it is connected to the mains. 100 workplaces are equipped with computers.

Access to the Internet

The Main Press Centre and the press areas of the press centres at the venues have access to free Wi-Fi Internet.

Press Conference Room of the Main Press Centre

Press conferences and briefings take place here on a daily basis with the participation of the heads of the Kazan 2013 Organising Committee, the FISU representatives, and the Universiade winners and medallists. The room has a seating capacity of 150. All press conferences are provided with simultaneous /consecutive translation from Russian, English and French.

Additional Services

One of the main principles of the organisation of the Main Media Centre is creating necessary working and living conditions for representatives of international and Russian Media.

The lobby of the Main Media Centre of the Universiade has a commercial area, which offers the following:

  • bank branch;
  • post office branch;
  • pharmacy;
  • point of sale of licensed merchandise of the 27th Summer Universiade 2013.

Press Areas at Competition Venues

Dates of operation: 3 – 18 July 2013.
Hours of operation: Press centres at the competition venues open 2 hours before the start of competitions and close 3 hours after the end of competitions. Venues are strictly accessed by accreditation and through the Press Entrance.

Press areas at the Universiade competition venues work according to the Universiade sports programme during the period from 3 to 18 July and start operation one day before the start of competitions at the venue.

To facilitate the work of journalists, all competition venues are provided with the following:

  • press centre work area;
  • press conference room;
  • mixed zone;
  • workplaces at the stands;
  • recreation area;
  • interview room;
  • venue photo positions.
Press Centre

The work area of the press centre contains workplaces equipped with computers as well as workplaces which allow you to connect your own devices to power supply and the Internet.

Each press centre has a media information desk, where the latest information on the Universiade competitions and events can be obtained.

Press Conference Room

Press Conference Room Each competition venue has a press conference room.

Press conferences start 20-30 minutes after the announcement of the results and after the end of the awards ceremony. Participants: coaches, representatives of the winning teams, the best scorers, speakers at journalists’ request.

During press conferences, consecutive interpreting from English into Russian and vice versais provided. Announcements about upcoming press conferences will be posted at the information desks located in the press centres of the Universiade venues.

Mixed Zone

Mixed zones provide journalists with an opportunity to interview athletes and coaches right after the end of the competitions. Mixed zones are located at the point where athletes exit the competition area.

Priorities in the organisation of interviews are as follows:

  • Main broadcaster;
  • TV companies-broadcast rights holders;
  • Radio companies-broadcast rights holders;
  • Informational partners;
  • Press;
  • Other media.

Mixed zones operate for 3-5 minutes after the end of competitions.

Press Stands

Apart from the work area at the press centre, there are also workplaces for journalists in the stands. The workplaces have desks; they also have wired Internet access and are connected to power supply.

Competition results are delivered to the media working in the stands by the press centre’s volunteers.

Recreation Areas for the Media

At all Universiade competition venues, there are recreation areas for journalists where they are offered coffee breaks (tea, coffee and snacks), with the supplies renewed throughout the day.

Interview Room

Interview rooms operate at the finals competition venues. To book an interview room, you need to fill out a request form at the information desk in the press centre. Interview rooms have a capacity of 4-5 people.

Press Areas at Non-competition Venues

Apart from the press centres at the sports venues, accredited media representatives are also provided with work areas at the following non-competition venues:

  • Main International Centre (mixed zone and interview room);
  • FISU Korston Hotel (mixed zone and interview room);
  • Universiade Park.
Access to these facilities is carried out by accreditation.

Press Venue Team

Organisation and coordination of the work of press areas and services at the venue:

  • Press venue manager;
  • Assistant volunteer.

Providing information, processing queries and interview requests:

  • Information desk manager;
  • Information desk volunteer.

Organisation of flash interviews with athletes:

  • Mixed zone manager;
  • Mixed zone volunteer.

Providing journalists with assistance relating to their work at the venue areas:

  • Media assistance volunteer;
  • Photo positions volunteer.