27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Courier Communication Central Board

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Courier Communication Central Board (FSUE CCCB) has been delivering mail and freight since 1939.

The centre has extensive experience in handling and transporting both classified and standard shipments, valuables and defense-industry deliveries anywhere in Russia and abroad in accordance with the highest standards.

The CCCB has been constantly honing its operation for more than 70 years, perfecting its material and technical base. The company has accumulated unique experience, which is used to design and implement modern technologies.

Besides domestic transport in the Russian Federation, the centre provides a range of import and export services in both CIS and non-CIS countries. The company is listed in the Register of Customs Carriers, Customs Brokers (Representatives), and Owners of Temporary Storage Warehouses. The range of services provided is being broadened. In 2013 the company began to offer express door-to-door delivery of documents and freight in as little as one day to more than 2,000 localities in Russia and abroad.

Today, the CCCB consists of 70 offices, 109 branches and 68 service points, more than 1,200 regular routes throughout Russia and a service point at Baikonur.

The company has the necessary delivery infrastructure, including a continually modernised fleet of armoured vehicles and specialty equipment, carefully designed processes to ensure freight security during transit, and professionally trained personnel with the right to carry and use automatic weapons. Couriers accompanying items are armed with combat weaponry in accordance with the Federal Law.

The centre maintains all necessary licenses, certificates and other permission documents for its authorised activities. All its activities are licensed and certified and are covered against any loss in any country by liability insurance totalling 100 million U.S. dollars.

Transport involves only the company’s own resources, thereby reducing the risks involved in working with subcontractors. The company has partnerships with major Russian and foreign airlines. A joint order of  Russia’s Communications and Transport Ministries allows vehicles transporting special communications cargoes to load and unload goods directly to and from the aircraft.

Guaranteeing confidentiality and item safety and being committed to timely delivery are the cornerstone of the company’s operations. Government entities as well as the largest Russian companies and banks choose the CCCB as a professional and reliable partner for fulfillment of the most complex and serious tasks.