27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013


The 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan will be held under the Wilson sign! Young athletes from 170 countries will gather together in the capital city of Tatarstan so that the best of the best could compete on the fields of fair play, get unique competition experience and the sea of positive emotions. For Russia, it is the first time ever that, specifically for this event, the legendary Wilson brand has launched a limited collection of balls and sports equipment bearing the marks of the Kazan Universiade.

"Our balls will be played on football fields, tennis and basketball courts, and we hope that they will bring good luck to the players as Wilson is the brand of winners," assures Boris Genusov, Brand Manager Russia at Wilson Sporting Goods.

These are not just words. The company's logo – the capital letter 'W' – is familiar to all sports fans. The Davis Cup, the Federation Cup, the US and Australian Open Tennis Championships, matches of the largest National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in America – and this is not an exhaustive list of the high-ranking events for which the iconic brand provides its equipment.

The high quality of basketball competitions will be ensured by Wilson Solution - the official ball of the NCAA Championships as well as of the Russian School Basketball League – this year, the KES–Basket School Basketball League of Russia, which encompasses 10,000 schools across Russia, has signed an agreement with the American brand on the production of 43,000 balls for the schoolchildren of our country.

Football matches will be supported by the Wilson Forte Due ball highly praised by football stars and approved by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football). "It is on the football pitch that we expect the most outstanding victories of the Russian national team, and we hope that, with the help of our ball, young footballers will demonstrate their full technical capacity," concluded Boris Genusov.

Young tennis players will be able to feel like the world number ones winning at the 2013 Summer Universiade with Wilson tennis balls, which are an integral part of any significant event in the tennis world.

Wilson will be a good friend and assistant to all participants in the competitions and for the technical staff of the Games in Kazan, too. Young athletes will be presented with training gear, and they will also get help with adjusting the high-quality strings of tennis racquets, and basketball stands. The staff of the matches will be provided with pumps and needles to inflate the balls, whilst coaches and umpires will get whistles.

Fans have not been forgotten either. Everyone will get a chance to win a valuable prize or a ball from the Wilson Limited Edition during the breaks between the competitions. Everyone will also be able to purchase products of the legendary brand right at the sports complexes.