27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Observer programme

On behalf of the "Observer" programme organizers:

"It is a great opportunity for you to experience and to learn from the Universiade 2013 on the ground, before you will be taking the honour to host next Universiade."

International University
Sports Federation

FISU International
Educational Centre

The Executive Committee of the
27th Summer Universiade Kazan 2013

Kazan 2013 Observer programme is a key component of the knowledge transfer process for the benefits of any sport organizing committees. This programme provides a unique opportunity to learn and experience a multi-sport games organization at the first hand. FISU organizes the Kazan 2013 Observer programme in partnership with the Kazan 2013 Executive Committee and FISU International Educational Centre with key EC personnel acting as the main presenters for each tour and seminar, supported by combine FISU- IEC- Kazan EC management team.

For future Winter and Summer Universiade organizers, attending the Universiade represents a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the event on the ground. During the Observer Programme, each future Organizing Committee will not only witness how things are done,but also study specific areas, so that they can learn and improve upon these within their own organizational and cultural context.

Observer 2013 memo

What is the Observer?
The Kazan 2013 Observer programme is a key component of the knowledge transfer process, providing a unique opportunity to live, learn and experience real multi-sport games and Universiade operations.

Who is this programme for?
For future organizing committees of multi-sports events.

Benefits from participating
Participants will be gaining invaluable experience of how an event like the Universiade is organized. Over the course of the Observer programme, the participants will have the opportunity for networking, for attending many useful meetings and tours.

Programme goal
The programme goal is to provide future organizing committees with the learning opportunities from organizing Universiade 2013, to learn from other multi-sport events and build a new knowledge, based on lessons learned.

When does the programme start?
Observer programme starts  a few days before the Universiade 2013 and will last until the end of the Games (June 29 – July 18, 2013).

Application dates
Pre-registration: November 1, 2012 – March 1, 2013
Registration: March 1, 2013- April 1, 2013

Observer 2013 pre-registration form
Observer Programme brochure

Activities Activity description Group A Group B Group C Group D
Organizing committees for future Universiades ApplicantCities Other Organizing committees Volunteers of the Organizing committees
HoD Meeting General program activities for Heads of Delegations Included N/A N/A N/A
Guided Visit Visit aimed to show a high-level overview of the operations taking place on the venues. Venue tours include zoning, mass events, providing services, etc. Included Included Included N/A
Seminar A, B, C groups:
Seminars representing the operations and activities of the Function on its field. Includes introduction, presentation and discussions on issues of the key functions D group:
Seminar representing the operations and activities on the Volunteer Programme issues
FA Meetings Meetings with Functions’ representatives for “Questions & Answers” session.
Presentation of the Executive Committee concept and strategies as well as roundtable discussions on the concerned issues
Included N/A N/A N/A
Self-Observation Access to the venues in order to observe & experience. Does not include guiding Included N/A N/A Included
Experience Visit One day of the life of an athlete/spectator:
1.Visit designed to allow the observers to experience “A day in the life of an Universiade Athlete”  - from having breakfast to training, to the transfers to/from the Universiade Village and training and competition venues
2.Visit designed for the Observers to experience “A day in the life of a Spectator” appreciating different aspects such as venue entry and exit, transportation to/from venues, wayfinding, sport presentation, etc.
Included N/A N/A Included
WorkingTour An attending the venues and accompanying CTI/CSU members during inspections allow to understand the liaison between creative & operations including protocol elements and FISU Minimum requirements Included N/A N/A N/A
OperationalVisit Visits aimed to understand the various elements of operations, activities and work processes during the Games, and to understand the role of the Functional Area in the field Included N/A N/A N/A
Training Participation in the Volunteers’training sessions N/A N/A N/A Included
  • Introduction to the Kazan 2013 Universiade
  • Planning and Coordination
  • Accommodation
  • Accreditation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cultural Programme
  • Medical and Anti-Doping
  • Marketing and Brand Management
  • Venue Management
  • Sport
  • Transportation
  • Command, Control and Communications
  • Ceremonies
  • Media and Communications
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Volunteers
Marc Vandenplas
Marc Vandenplas FISU Summer Universiade Director

"Although Multi-sport events Organizing Committees are working in different cultural and political environments, all of them have to face similar difficulties and challenges. The observer programme set up jointly by the Kazan OC and FISU will answer to most of the questions addressed by future organizers and help them to beneficiate from previous experiences. Transfer of knowledge is the backbone of future success."

Augustin Milan
Augustin Milan FISU Winter Universiade Director

"Outreach of the Observer programme of Organizing committees for multi-sport events should build relationships with internal and external partners and all stakeholders, provide timely and accurate information, maintain a clear and consistent message how the work of Organizing Committee observers programs benefit the participation as a whole. As well as gaining access to all aspects of the Games, the Observer Programme includes seminars specifically about sport operations. These involve people from different areas of the local OC talking about special areas such as publications, the sports information centre, training venues and about sport presentation etc., which will really help guide whole planning. Observers are the “eyes on the ocean” collecting critical data upon which policies and management decisions are based, where the OC and FISU play an extremely important role."

Zhen Shen
Zhen Shen Assistant to the Chairman of Organizing Committee Shenzhen 2011, General coordinator for National Departments, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen 2011 Universiade Village

"The Kazan 2013 Observer Programme is a major highlight of the learning experience, bringing together members of all the OC-s to share experience, transfer knowledge, build relationships and get a better understanding of how one of the world’s premier mass-sport events operates. The Observer Programme includes seminars on each key operation; these can really help guide OC-s planning process from now on."

Vladimir Leonov
Vladimir Leonov Kazan 2013 Director General

"Observer programme helps to ensure that future host cities have access to the latest knowledge that has been gained from the hard work and experience of previous University Games hosts. The relationships formed with other Organizing Committees through the Knowledge management programme allow further follow-up and collaboration between Functional Area counterparts which can really help develop best practice. Our team is open to exchange the experiences and show other OCs the things we set right and ones could be missed."

Galina Kupriyanova
Galina Kupriyanova Kazan 3013 Deputy Director General. Knowledge Management, Strategy and Planning Supervisor

"This programme itself - is an innovative approach for the Universiade staging and it designed for successful knowledge transfer. We made an attempt to resolve enormous logistical challenges during experience sharing. We hope, that the programme will prove to be a truly memorable, enjoyable event."

Azat Kadyrov
Azat Kadyrov Kazan 2013 First Deputy Director General (Belgrade 2009, Harbin 2009,
Shenxhen 2011, Erzurum 2011 Observer)

"Based on the previous Universiades experience we came to conclusion that integration is the key component of the University Games holding. It is vital to communicate and integrate your specific planning with the other areas of your organizing committee to ensure everyone knows what they are doing. It is important to have practical experience and on-site observation of what we were already learning on handbooks."

Liliya Barieva
Liliya Barieva Kazan 2013 Knowledge Management Department Director

"We made the most of learning opportunities in Shenzhen 2011, Erzurum 2011, Belgrad 2009, Harbin 2009, London 2012 to implement and deliver world-class performances to Kazan 2013 Observer programme. Kazan 2013 observers will get the best opportunity of learning across all aspects of Games holding."

Dilyara Khasanova
Dilyara Khasanova Head of Media Department

"It is amazing how many different areas can benefit from the programme, especially if you are in the beginning of the way. The press is a tense client group, that is why it's important to analyze their needs effectively in advance using other events experience as well. Talking about press knowledge is a power that will help you to create the best media environment around your event ever!"

Timur Sultanbekov
Timur Sultanbekov Head of VIP Catering Services Unit, Food and Beverage Department

"There are more than 150 nationalities with different food preferences and cultural needs in addition to languages differences. The Observer programme helps to work closely with the host organizing committee, ask questions and focus on key points on a sporting event of this size."

Alik Saifutdinov
Alik Saifutdinov Kazan 2013 Volunteer Department chief expert. Shenzhen 2011 Observer

"We were exploring the Games and getting the experience of being Games Makers so we could learn and then use that knowledge and experience when we got back to Russia to prepare for our Universiade. There were a huge number of people, so we could learn how to work with all the volunteers together. One of the most important things for me is using this invaluable experience, and based on it we will increase the number of people who are involved in volunteering."

Gulnara Bikkineeva
Gulnara Bikkineeva Head of the FISU Relations Unit. International Relations Department. London 2012 Observer

"Six Kazan 2013 staff representatives went to London to look at the Games-time operations and learn from the London 2012 experience. I was lucky enough to be an Observer in London 2012 and I am very proud that my knowledge will help to deliver the new vision for Kazan 2013 Universiade Observer Programme."