27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Fatigue prevents table tennis player Shibayev to win pair semifinal

The player of the Russian national table tennis team Alexander Shibaev told the reporter of R-Sport that physical fatigue prevented him to play well in the semifinal game in doubles at the 27th Summer Universiade in Kazan.

On Sunday, Kirill Skachkov and Shibaev lost in the semifinals of the table tennis competitions to the athletes from Chinese Taipei Huang Shen-shen / Chan Hung-chi with the score 2-4 and became the bronze medallists of the competition. "The game evolved very hardly, a lot of efforts were spent at this Universiade. For long time I have not played table tennis, that is why it is difficult to partcipate at the whole tournament on the same level. To be honest, I tired, but played in the game much more worser than I could. Kirill played great, and I just did not have enough energy," said Shibaev. In the sixth set during the serve the ball touched the net, but the referee counted a point to the players from Chinese Taipei. "The usual situation in table tennis, someone gives points, someone does not do it. Asians, if the referee gives them the points, never give them, you have to be ready, there is no point in arguing. Judge may not see the net – here the players must give," said the athlete. The table tennis player said that he had achieved good results at the Universiade. "I brought three medals (in pairs, mixed doubles and team competitions). I think the result is good. I played in all ranks – it's very hard, especially for me, because I was not ready for it,"  said Russian.

R-Sport, July 14