27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Kolesnichenko: Romashina shows high level of synchronised swimming

The three-time Olympic champion Svetlana Romashina, competing in the solo programme at the Summer Universiade 2013, showed a high level of synchronised swimming, her duet partner Svetlana Kolesnichenko said to R-Sport.


Universiade. Synchronised swimming. Day 5 © RIA Novosti

On the last day of the competition Romashina won the solo, and already on Monday she had climbed to the first level of the pedestal of the Summer Games 2013 together with Kolesnichenko. “I had goose bumps when Sveta competed in the solo. I liked it so much. I saw the programme during training, but today she was particularly good, shining in the water. I believe she showed a high level of synchronised swimming and deserved to win. Even to the untrained eye of a non-professional it was clear that Romashina was at a higher level than her competitors,” Kolesnichenko said.

Afterwards Romashina announced that she will compete in the solos at the FINA World Championship in Barcelona. “Is there a chance that Sveta will take the gold? Of course! It’s not even a question. From the beginning I thought she should do solo, because it’s such a great programme. And there is no question of what place Sveta should take at the world championships,” Kolesnichenko said. She believes the performance of Russia’s team at the Summer Universiade 2013 will give them an advantage at the world championships. “It’s the first start for our young team. We should be able to improve our programme. A big plus is that we competed in Kazan and tested our strengths, and we hope that we’ll do even better at the world championships and show everyone our best,” Kolesnichenko noted.

During the Summer Universiade 2013 Russia’s synchronised swimmers were disrupted when the music stopped. “That was for the best. The team became even more united. This meet was a good indication of how and who will come together. Our team can work together, and I am very happy,” Kolesnichenko concluded.

«R-Sport», 11 July 2013