27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Kiselkov wins men's long jump title at Russian Junior Athletics Championship

The last test event in the run-up to the 27th Summer Universiade 2013 is being held in Kazan.

Fyodor Kilselkov, a representative of the Primorsky Krai, took the top place on the podium in the men's long jump event at the Russian Junior Athletics Championship. Silver went to Semyon Popov, with Andrey Ovcharenko finishing third. 

1. Fyodor Kilselkov (Primorsky Krai) - 7.72cm
2. Semyon Popov (Moscow) - 7.64cm
3. Andrey Ovcharenko (Stavropol Krai) - 7.52cm

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate