27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Russian Junior Diving Championship: Day 4 finals

The divers of Moscow and Saint Petersburg dominated the podium on Day 4 of the Russian Junior Diving Championship.


Men's Springboard 1m Group B Final

Nikita Nikolaev let no one doubt his superiority in the men's 1m springboard final. The Moscow athlete demonstrated the best result, having earned three 8s for his second dive. Andrey Kuklin, who had finished fifth in the preliminary round, got himself into the second spot on the podium.

1.  Nikita Nikolaev (Moscow) – 415.05 (36 очков)

2. Andrey Kuklin (Ruza) – 394.15 (30 points)

3. Maksim Lebedev (Saint Petersburg) – 392,75 (25 points)

4. Boris Efremov (Volgograd) – 382.45 (20 points)

5. Artyom Beznadezhnykh (Ruza) – 380.80 (17 points)



Women's Platform Group A Final

The women's platform final featured no surprises as Ekaterina Petukhova and Daria Govor, who had been top contenders for gold after the compulsory dives, expectedly took first and second places respectively. The final saw Moscow's diver demonstrate a better performance, but Daria Govor had a higher score in the overall standings. Another diver from Moscow, Anna Mikheeva, earned a deserved podium place with the bronze medal.

1. Ekaterina Petukhova (Moscow) – 408.25

2. Daria Govor (Elektrostal) – 399.40

3. Anna Mikheeva (Moscow) – 341.60

4. Anastasia Kozlova (Ruza) – 324.55

5. Olga Bykovskaya (Saint Petersburg) – 308.35

Overall standings

1. Daria Govor (Elektrostal) – 399.40 (36)

2. Ekaterina Petukhova (Moscow) – 408.25 (30)

3. Anna Mikheeva (Moscow) – 341.60 (25)

4. Anastsia Isakova (Saint Petersburg) – 293.50 (20)

5. Olga Bykovskaya (Saint Petersburg) – 308.35 (17).


Women's Springboard 3m Group B Final 

An intriguing battle unfolded in the women's 3m springboard final (Group B). Two divers from Saint Peterburg secured the top two places, leaving Moscow's Kira Schennikova just a few points behind. 

1. Elizaveta Kukushkina (Saint Petersburg) – 361.20 (36 points)

2. Ekaterina Nekrasova (Saint Petersburg) – 356.55 (30 points)

3. Kira Schennikova (Moscow) – 350.45 (25 points)

4. Alyona Dubrovina (Ruza) – 325.65 (20 points)

5. Yulia Tikhomirova (Moscow) – 324.10 (17 points).

Tuesday, the fifth competition day of the diving torunament, will be highlighted with the men's synchronised 3m springboard finals in Groups A and B. Female divers will also decide who is the best in the synchronised platform final. The competitions start at 12.30pm. Spectator admission is free. 


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate