27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Russian U19 Canoe Sprint Championships: First medals awarded

Winners of the first sets of medals were determined on Day 3 of the Russian U19 Canoe Sprint Championships in Kazan.


Boys K1 1,000m Final 

Pavel Golubenko of the Rostov Oblast, who earlier showed the best time in the K1 semifinal, managed to win the final heat as well. He finished ahead Anton Sorokin of Moscow and Dmitry Buyanov of the Moscow Oblast. 

1. Pavel Golubenko, Rostov Oblast- 3:42.452 

2. Anton Sorokin, Moscow - 3:43.344 

3. Dmitry Buyanov, Moscow Oblast - 3:43.693 

Boys C1 1,000m Final 

Aleksey Protsanov of the Rostov Oblast was in a class of his own in the C1 final. Oleg Kolesnichenko, who previously finished first in the semifinal, missed out on the podium and settled for the sixth place. 

1. Aleksey Protsanov, Rostov Oblast - 4:03.328 

2. Ivan Likhovidov, Rostov Oblast - 4:07.056 

3. Aleksandr Tutayev, Moscow Oblast - 4:07.140 


Girls K1 1,000m Final 

Sofia Kiryukhina was first in the girls' K1 final. Leader of the semifinal heats, Alyona Zhigalina of Tatarstan, came fourth. 

1. Sofia Kiryukhina, Volgograd Oblast - 4:11.790 

2. Aleksandr Sokolov, Kostroma Oblast - 4:13.100 

3. Ekaterina Medvedeva, Tver Oblast - 4:15.703 

Boys K2 1,000m Final 

Rowers from the Tver Oblast, Artyom Miloshevich/Artur Miloshevich, showed the best time in the boys' K2 event. They were almost a second ahead of their rivals from Moscow, Nikita Borisenko and Anton Sorokin. 

1. Artyom Miloshevich/Artur Miloshevich, Tver Oblast - 3:26.463 

2. Nikita Borisenko/Anton Sorokin, Moscow - 3:27.875 

3. Kirill Butskikh/Oleg Gusev, Ryazan Oblast - 3:28.211 

First medals will be contested in the Rowing Centre, Kazan on Friday, August 15. Rowers will compete for medals in the K1, K2, K4 1,000m events and C1, C2, C4 events.


Boys C2 1,000m Final 

Ilya Isaev and Dmitriy Sharov took an overwhelming victory in the boys' C2 event. They finished ahead of their closest rivals by more than 4 seconds. 

1. Ilya Isaev/Dmitriy Sharov (Astrakhan Oblast), Moscow Oblast - 3:50.329 

2. Ivan Likhovidov (Rostov Oblast)/Artyom Shatsky (Rostov Oblast), Tver Oblast - 3:54.879 

3. Ilya Pavlov/Vladimir Tarnakin, Moscow - 3:56.273 

Girls K2 1,000m Final 

The tandem from Moscow, Yulia Timofeeva and Ksenia Ostaniy, posted a confident victory as well. They won gold with a five-second gap from competitors. 

1. Yulia Timofeeva/Ksenia Ostaniy, Moscow - 4:03.119 

2. Lilia Farkhutdinova/Kristina Polezhay, Samara Oblast - 4:08.025 

3. Maria Molgacheva/Ekaterina Syritsyna, Moscow - 4:09.510 


Boys K4 1,000m Final 

In the boys' K4 final, the representatives of the Tver Oblast (Anton Belsky, Dmitry Sinelnik and Egor Kuchkovsky). They came a fraction of a second ahead of athletes from the Moscow Oblast, Dmitry Buyanov, Evgeny Belyakov and Andrey Todirku. 

1. Tver Oblast Team - 3:07.025 

2. Moscow Oblast Team - 3:07.353 

3. Sverdlovsk Oblast Team - 3:09.081 

Boys C4 1,000m Final 

In the boys C4 event, an overwhelming domination of Ilya Isaev, Dmitry Sharov (Astrakhan Oblast) and Roman Rubtsov over opponents was unquestionable - about 4 seconds. Aleksey Protsanov, Aleksandr Kosarev and Maksim Kartashov of the Rostov Oblast came second. 

1. Moscow Oblast Team - 3:36.625 

2. Rostov Oblast Team - 3:40.021 

3. Krasnodar Krai Team - 3:40.040 

Ten more medal events are expected to be contested on Saturday at the Rowing Centre, Kazan. The Russian U19 Canoe Sprint Championships will last until August 18.


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