27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

World Fencing Championships: US women's sabre team takes gold

The US sabre fencers won the women's team tournament by defeating the French team in a tough bout.


After a short break at the World Fencing Championships, sabre fencers embarked on a quest for medals in the team tournament. Following the preliminaries' results, the number one seeded Russian team fenced Canada and took a comfortable win, 45-28, while last year's world champion, Ukraine, confidently won their bout against Japan in the round of 32, 45-20, and the US team defeated Kazakhstan, 45-22.

But in the second round the French team took an unexpected victory over the hosts. Thanks to Ekaterina DYACHENKO, the Russians nearly won the meet where they were 10 points behind, but Manon BRUNET was stronger than Yana EGORIAN in the last bout and it brought a victory to the French team.


"We are to blame for the defeat. We gave them a chance at the beginning of the fight, we allowed them to leave us behind. When you show that you are stronger the opponents lose spirit, and today we were beaten in the first round and gave them a reason to believe in themselves. This is our common fault. We apologise to our fans, spectators and managers that it happened like this," sabre fencer Sofia Velikaya commented on the team's defeat.

Both semifinal bouts were as nail-biting as the final itself. While losing the meet to the Italians, 4-10, the French found strength to turn the tables and win the semi, 45-42. In another dramatic bout between the United States and Ukraine, the former proved to be in a better form. With 40-37 on the scoreboard, Dagmara WOZNIAK and Olga KHARLAN stepped on the piste but despite all her efforts the 2014 world individual sabre champion lost to the US fencer by one point.


"I could win the semifinal but I made a tactically wrong move during the last hit," Olga Kharlan said.

However, the Ukrainian team earned a spot on the podium by beating Italians in the bronze medal match, 45-42. Gold medals were claimed by the US fencers (Mariel ZAGUNIS, Dagmara WOZNIAK, Ibtihaj MUHAMMAD and Ann Elizabeth STONE) who defeated the French team, 45-39.


In the fifth-eighth place matches, the Russian fencers took the fifth place, beating the teams from Poland and South Korea.

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