27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

World Fencing Championships: French fencer claims gold in men's epee

The men's individual epee final at the World Fencing Championships in Kazan ended with the victory of Ulrich ROBEIRI (FRA).


The start of the men's epee final brought several surpises. Nikolai NOVOSJOLOV, who is number one in the world rankings, was beaten by Niko VUORINEN (FIN), the number 64 seed of the tournament, 8-15. The second seeded Fabian KAUTER also had a tough bout against Pau ROSELLO (ESP) and narrowly escaped a defeat, 15-14. 

Sergey KHODOS (RUS) was eliminated in the round of 32 after losing to Enrico GAROZZO (ITA), 12-15. Anton AVDEEV  (RUS) managed to put an end to VUORINEN's eyebrow-raising quest for medals, 15-12. In the quarterfinal, spectators saw two Russia-vs-France bouts and both meets ended with France's victory. Pavel SUKHOV lost to Gauthier GRUMIER, 7-15, and AVDEEV, despite an overwhelming lead at some point of the bout, 10-3, could not finish off Ulrich ROBEIRI, 13-14. 


"My opponent changed his tactic when I was in a 10-3 lead. I wanted to finish the bout faster, missed three hits and lost track of the battle. The opponent seized the initiative, picked a winning mood and started scoring a hit after a hit. He managed to gain priority and took an easy win. He was reigning supreme and I was at a loss," Avdeev said after the bout.

The second semi saw a tussle between Kyoungdoo PARK (KOR) and Enrico GAROZZO that ended with the Korean fencer's victory. He fenced ROBEIRI in the final and the French prevailed, 15-12. 


So far the Russian fencers have won the most medals overall (6 - 2 gold and 4 bronze medals). Italy has 5 (2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals) and France boasts 3. 

The men's team sabre medals will be contested on Monday. 

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

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