27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

World Fencing Championships: Cheremisinov adds second gold to Team Russia's collection

Alexey CHEREMISINOV (RUS) took the title in the men's foil at the World Fencing Championships in Kazan. Silver went to Jianfei MA (CHN).


Unlike the women's foil, the men's event brought few surprises. Favourites easily powered past to the next round. Jianfei MA, the number two seed at the tournament, set a record by whitewashing his opponent, 15-0. Three out of four Russian fencers advanced to the round of 32. Luck was not on the side of Alexey KHOVANSKIY who lost the bout to Yuli OTA, 4-15. 

The tournament favourites faced tougher prospects in the table of 32. Andrea CASSARA (ITA) was eliminated while Jianfei managed to narrowly win a titanic tussle. Russian fencers Dmitry RIGIN, Timur SAFIN and Alexey CHEREMISINOV made their way to the round of 16 but one of them stopped his journey to the gold medal at this stage. RIGIN suffered a defeat by Enzo LEFORT, the number one seed of the tournament, who was losing the bout at some point, 4-5, but managed to turn tables and win the meet, 15-12. 


In the quarterfinal. LEFORT posted an easy win over James-Andrew DAVIS (GBR), 15-6. Jianfei beat CHOUPENITCH (POL) and CHEREMISINOV took a comfortable victory over Gerek MEINHARDT, 15-9. The nail-biting bout was between Timur SAFIN and Sebastian BACHMANN (GER). The Russian was losing most of the bout but he managed to close the gap and pull out a victory, 15-12. 

In the semifinal, Alexey CHEREMISINOV avenged RIGIN's defeat to LEFORT by beating him 15-8. However, Timur SAFIN failed to put up a good fight to Jianfei, who was unstoppable by that time. The Russian fencer was dominating the first half of the bout, 6-1, but his oppenent was in a better form in the second half and won the meet, 14-15. 


In the final bout, CHEREMISINOV scored a confident win over the Chinese fencer, 15-11, thus adding the 2012 Senior Worlds title to his 2012 European Championships gold. Plus, last summer Alexey won two gold medals at the Summer Universiade in Kazan. 

"Nearly a year ago I've already become a champion here in Kazan. It was at the Universiade. This time playing on home soil helped me to win at the World Championships. I'm very happy with my victory," Cheremisinov said after the final. 


"In 1995 Dmitry Shevchenko took the world championship title and in 19 years his trainee, Alexey Cheremisinov, won a stunning victory. He produced a brilliant fencing performance in the final," Ilgar Mamedov, head coach of the Russian national team, commented on the outcome of the final.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

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