27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Russia wins sixth gold as championships wrap up

The Russian national team won a total of six gold medals at the junior world weightlifting championships in Kazan.



Russian weightlifter Antoniy Savchuk added another gold to the national team's tally at the 2014 IWF Junior World Championships in Kazan. This is Russia's sixth gold at the tournament. He beat South Korea's Wooman Hwang in a tough struggle in the men's 105 kg event. The Russian finished second in the snatch but demonstrated top result in the clean and jerk that moved him to the top of the table. 


1. Wooman Hwang, South Korea - 176 kg 

2. Antoniy Savchuk, Russia - 175 kg 

3. Bartosz Lozinski, Poland - 166 kg 


Clean and jerk

1. Antoniy Savchuk, Russia - 220 kg 

2. Wooman Hwang, South Korea -207 kg 

3. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamed M. Gaber, Egypt - 202 kg 


1. Antoniy Savchuk, Russia - 395 kg 

2. Wooman Hwang, South Korea - 383 kg 

3. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelhamed M. Gaber, Egypt - 362 kg 


"My anxiety affected my performance in the snatch. During my entire training I was told that I have no rivals, and it put a bigger pressure on me then if there actually were any rivals. I lost my bearings in the snatch. But I overcame the pressure in the clean and jerk and did what I wanted. At that time I was confident that I will get my own back. I was not nervous in that lift," said Savchuk after the event. 

The Russian men's team claimed 3 gold and 1 bronze medals. Artem Okulov, Alexey Kosov and Antoniy Savchuk climbed the top steps of the podium. 

The Russian female weightlifters won 5 medals (3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze). Among those who took the title were Diana Akhmetova, Ksenia Maximova and Larisa Kobeleva. 

"In some things we did well, in some we did not. But in general, I think, we made a good showing. We have three gold medals, one silver and one bronze. Compared to the previous championships, we did better here. We had one gold in Peru, and now we have three. We, so to speak, took revenge for the last year," Kirill Zavadzky commented on the women's junior team's performance at this year's tournament. 

"We were able to accomplish the task we had set prior to the championships - to top the overall standings. As for the fact that we planned to win more medals... This is life. We will keep working hard. We wanted more gold medals but we failed," the senior coach of the national junior team, Ahmad Achichaev, expressed his thoughts on the male lifters' contribution to Russia's medal haul. 

"The management of the championships in Kazan was of the highest standard. And it was not just us who were talking about it, but our foreign guests as well. Everything was great. The jury had no complaints. Foreign guests were very pleased with how they were welcomed in Kazan, and they are already saying that if Kazan wins the right to host the senior world championships, they will definitely come here again," President of the Russian Weightlifting Federation, Sergey Syrtsov, extended his gratitude to the organisers of the Kazan tournament.

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Видео. Савчук Антоний на первенстве мира в Казани.