27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Georgy Kuptsov wins bronze medal in clean and jerk

The final day of the IWF Junior World Championships takes place today in Kazan.


Russian weightlifter Georgy Kuptsov claimed bronze in the snatch in the men's 105 kg event at the junior world weighlifting championships in Kazan. He was going for a medal in the total of both lifts but unfortunately missed out on a podium finish. It was Richard Kurouski of Belarus who took the title. 


1. Richard Kurouski, Belarus - 177 kg 

2. Leonid Kubyshkovskyi, Ukraine - 173 kg 

3. Walid Bidani, Algeria - 170 kg 

4. Georgy Kuptsov, Russia - 168 kg 

Clean and jerk

1. Jaroslaw Pawel Jaroslaw Pawel Samoraj, Poland - 208 kg 

2. Richard Kurouski, Belarus - 201 kg 

3. Georgy Kuptsov, Russia - 200 kg 



1. Richard Kurouski, Belarus - 378 kg 

2. Jaroslaw Pawel Jaroslaw Pawel Samoraj, Poland - 373 kg 

3. Leonid Kubyshkovskyi, Ukraine - 373 kg 

... 5. Georgy Kuptsov, Russia - 368 kg 



"I've improved at recent tournaments, but I'm still not quite satisfied with my result. Neither are the coaches, I think. Bronze in the clean and jerk didn't sweeten the bitternes of defeat, but at least I have some medal. A small trophy, but it's still something. I've counted on a podium spot before the championships," Kuptsov summed up results of the competition.

Press Department of Executive Directorate of Sports Projects