27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Alexey Kosov lands gold medal for Russia

Alexey Kosov's gold medal victory in the men's 95 kg event capped Day 6 of the IWF Junior World Championships in Kazan.

This is Russia's fourth gold medal at the junior world weightlifting tournament. Alexey Kosov won the men's 94 kg event finishing ahead of Moldova's Marcel Guidea and another Russian representative, Jamal Kudaev. Kosov was in a class of his own in both lifts securing a total of 378 kg. It's his second consecutive win at the junior world championships. He previously won gold at the 2013 world championships in Peru.


1. Alexey Kosov, Russia - 173 kg 

2. Marcel Guidea, Moldova - 165 kg 

3. Jamal Kudaev, Russia - 157 kg 

Clean and jerk

1. Alexey Kosov, Russia - 205 kg 

2. Marcel Guidea, Moldova - 204 kg 

3. Jamal Kudaev, Russia - 200 kg 


1. Alexey Kosov, Russia - 378 kg 

2. Marcel Guidea, Moldova - 369 kg 

3. Jamal Kudaev, Russia - 357 kg 

"I haven't been competing for a year. It felt bad not to be able to compete. If I succeeded in all my attempts, there would have been possibly a larger margin of victory. I should blame myself that the struggle turned out this way. Although I'm happy that I won. Tomorrow I will go home, I haven't been for three years there. I had a long recovery period because of my injury, plus I was gearing up at training camps. It so happened that I haven't been competing for a year and the world championships were my first event. I was pretty nervous," Kosov said in his post-event interview. 

Medals in the women's 75 kg event will be up for grabs on Friday, June 27. The competition starts at 17.00.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

Видео. Алексей Косов на первенстве мира в Казани.