27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Maria Beloborodova wins women's 75 kg silver

On the sixth competition day of the Junior World Championships in Kazan junior female weightlifter Maria Beloborodova added silver to the Russian team's medal haul.


Russian weightlifter Maria Beloborodova ended up as a runner-up in the women's 75 kg event, losing only to North Korea's Su Jong Kim. Beloborodova finished second with 7 kg behind the Korean weightlifter in the snatch but lifted the biggest weight in the clean and jerk which was still not enough for a victory in the total of both lifts. 


1. Su Jong Kim, Korea - 116 kg 

2. Maria Beloborodova, Russia - 109 kg 

3. Xue Lu, China - 100 kg 

Clean and jerk

1. Maria Beloborodova, Russia - 134 kg 

2. Su Jong Kim, Korea - 134 kg 

3. Daria Naumova, Belarus - 134 kg 


1. Su Jong Kim, North Korea - 250 kg 

2. Maria Beloborodova, Russia - 243 kg 

3. Daria Naumova, Belarus - 231 kg 


"I've progressed compared to the previous world championships. I'm happy with my performance, but I'd rather have gold. I took a shot to win a title but unfortunately I did not succeed. I will work hard and definitely take gold next year. In the last attempt I tried to lift the weight that I've never lifted before and, of course, by that time I was already worn out. I really did my best," Beloborodova shared her impression of the Kazan tournament.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

Видео. Мария Белобородова на первенстве мира в Казани.