27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Artem Okulov secures gold

Day 5 of the IWF Junior World Championships in Kazan culminated in Artem Okulov's victory in the men's 85 kg event.


Russia's Artem Okulov grabbed title at the World Weightlifting Championships in Kazan. He performed faultlessly to win by a comfortable margin in the snatch and managed to beat China's Yongchao Zhao in his last attempt in the clean and jerk. 


1. Artem Okulov, Russia - 165 kg 

2. Iurie Bulat, Romania - 157 kg 

3. Ammar Hassan Mabrouk Hassan, Egypt - 149 kg 

Clean and jerk

1. Artem Okulov, Russia - 197 kg 

2. Yongchao Zhao, China - 196 kg 

3. Antonino Pizzolato, Italy - 185 kg 



1. Artem Okulov, Russia - 362 kg 

2. Yongchao Zhao, China - 341 kg 

3. Antonino Pizzolato, Italy - 334 kg 


After the ceremony Artem answered journalists' questions. 

- Artem, it's your second victory at the world championships. Was it easier to win at the domestic tournament? 

- I think it was. Practically all my relatives arrived in Kazan, it was fun to perform. The crowd drove me on, their cheers lifted spirits. It helped me to better psych up for the event and it was easier to lift. 

- Are you satisfied with your result at the world championships? 

- At this point I lifted the weight for which I was ready. Half a month before the event I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and put into the hospital. I had only two weeks of training before the tournament. I did the best I could. 

- At training sessions you managed to lift even heavier weights. We saw you lift a 170 kg weight in the snatch. 

- I lift even more at training sessions. But these are training sessions and the world championships are an official event. I'm not in top form now. I haven't had enough time to fully recover for the competition that's why I have such a result. But it was enough for the first place, so it's all right. 

- Did you doubt your victory after a confident performance in the snatch? 

- I was on my way to Kazan and I felt that I can win again. I knew what I am capable of and I aware of my rivals' capabilities. 

- What advice would you give to budding athletes? 

- My advice for budding athletes is to persevere. If do not succeed right away, do not withdraw. You shouldn't give up. 

- What are your future plans? 

- In August there will be the Russian Senior Weightlifting Championships where the national roster will be selected for the World Cup. I have a week of rest and then I get down to work. If all goes well there, I will be called up to the World Cup. 

- Will you have enough time to fully recover before the national championship? 

- While gearing up for it I will treat my back and get massages. I hope that I will get back into top form and show what I'm capable of. There will be a serious competition. There will be no juniors, it will be a different level.





Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

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