27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Ksenia Maximova adds gold to Russia's tally

Day 5 of the IWF Junior World Championships is underway in Kazan.


Ksenia Maksimova of Russia secured a gold medal in the women's 69 kg event. It's the second time Maximova takes title at the World Championships, but in 2013 she won gold in the 58 kg event. Another Russian female weightlifter, Ani Sargsyan, fought for a silver podium finish, but failed to outclass China's Li Zhang. 


1. Ksenia Maximova, Russia - 107 kg 

2. Neisi Patricia Dajomes  Barrera - 101 kg 

3. Ani Sargsyan, Russia - 100 kg 

Clean and jerk

1. Li Zhang, China - 128 kg 

2. Ksenia Maximova, Russia - 127 kg 

3. Ani Sargsyan, Russia - 126 kg 


1. Ksenia Maximova, Russia - 234 kg 

2. Li Zhang, China - 228 kg 

3. Ani Sargsyan, Russia - 226 kg 


"I practice a lot. I want to thank doctors and coaches of the national team. We were greeted with excellent conditions. I did not expect to win because I compete in the 69 kg category, and my weight is 63 kg. Emotions run high," said Maximova. "It was great to see almost full stands of spectators. I have nothing but good things to say about Kazan. I come to Zelenodolsk for my training camps, so I visit your city rather often," the athlete said. 

"Of course I wanted to win, but unfortunately it did not happen. It will be a lesson to me, I will put in more effort to win at next tournaments. I wanted to lift a heavier weight today. I had lifted a 135-kilogramme weight a great many times before but I failed to lift it today. If I succeeded, I would have been first. Next year I will definitely win," said Ani Sargsyan. "Everything is very well organised in Kazan. The city is very beautiful. The last year's championship in Peru was also great, but it's better here. Here we are at home. I haven't had time to see everything, but today, hopefully, I'll start exploring the city.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects

Видео. Ксения Максимова на первенстве мира в Казани.