27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: Russia's Sergey Petrov places fourth

Day 3 of the IWF Junior World Championships concluded today in Kazan.

The men's 69 kg event wrapped up the third competition day of the Junior World Championships in Kazan. Sergey Petrov won bronze in the snatch. The Russian athlete lifted 142 kg, finishing behind Chengfei Yuan of China and Karem Ben Hnia of Tunisia. Right up until the last attempt of the competition Petrov was contending for the third place in the total for both lifts but he was edged out by Kazakhstan's Albert Linder. It was Ben Hnia who eventually snatched top spot on the podium.


1. Chengfei Yuan, China - 146 kg

2. Karem Ben Hnia, Tunisia - 145 kg

3. Sergey Petrov, Russia - 142 kg

... 5. Timur Maligov, Russia - 137 kg

Clean and jerk

1. Karem Ben Hnia, Tunisia - 173 kg

2. Albert Linder, Kazakhstan - 173 kg

3. Chengfei Yuan, China - 171 kg

... 5. Sergey Petrov, Russia - 170 kg

... 10. Timur Maligov, Russia - 162 kg


1. Karem Ben Hnia, Tunisia - 318 kg

2. Chengfei Yuan, China - 317 kg

3. Albert Linder, Kazakhstan - 313 kg

... 4. Sergey Petrov, Russia - 312 kg

... 6. Timur Maligov, Russia - 299 kg

"It's a shame that I placed fourth. I've been working towards this for so long. One can say that I needed a little bit more luck. Never mind, I will keep going ahead. Failure makes me stronger," Sergey Petrov shared his thoughts on his performance.

On Tuesday weightlifters will compete for medals in the women's 63 kg and men's 77 kg events. Diana Akhmetova and Victor Getts will represent Russia in those events.

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects