27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

IWF Junior World Championships: New world record closes Day 2 in Kazan

Luis Javier Lozano Mosquera of Colombia set a world record in the men's 62 kg event.


The second day of the IWF Junior World Championships that are currently underway in Kazan ended with the victory of Colombia's Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano in the 62 kg event. He was class above his rivals in the snatch and clean and jerk, leaving Yongxiang Mo of China and Marouan Ouertani of Tunisia behind. Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano established a new world record with a total lift, improving the previous achievement by two kilos.


1. Luis Javier Lozano Mosquera (Colombia) - 137 kg

2. Yongxiang Mo (China) - 136 kg

3. Marouan Ouertani (Tunisia) - 121 kg

Clean and jerk

1. Luis Javier Lozano Mosquera (Colombia) - 165 kg

2. Yongxiang  Mo (China) - 161 kg

3. Marouan Ouertani (Tunisia) - 154 kg


1. Luis Javier Lozano Mosquera (Colombia) - 302 kg (world record)

2. Yongxiang  Mo (China) - 297 kgg

3. Marouan Ouertani (Tunisia) - 275 kg

Russian athletes will join the medal quest on Monday, June 23. Medals will be up for grabs in the women's 58 kg and men's 69 kg events. 

Press Department of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects