27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Universiade volunteers keep cooperating with Kazan 2013 Ambassador

The Little Mermaid and Pirate Treasure, a show staged by the performance group led by the three-time Olympic champion and Kazan 2013 Ambassador, Maria Kiseleva, became a real New Year's gift for local residents and visitors to Kazan.


The Aquatics Palace, one of the largest sports facilities which was built using advanced technologies and is capable to accommodate any aquatics event, was chosen as the venue for the show. It was the very venue the organisers needed: a fairy-tale on the water is an amazing combination of several sports (diving, synchronised swimming), choreography and theatrics.

The team of Kazan 2013 volunteers was dedicated to providing a hospitable, welcoming atmosphere during the show: Kazan 2013 volunteers' hard work during the World University Summer Games left a positive impression on Maria Kiseleva, and she asked them to help her in her new project. The volunteers' main goal was to create a festive and cozy atmosphere at the New Year's performance for all spectators, young and old: greeting on arrival at venue, providing directions and information to spectators and showing them to their seats and many other things. More than 90 volunteers were involved in event services at the show: each of them contributed at least 20 volunteer hours by working at 5 out of 29 performances.


The best part of volunteers' work at the show was when Maria Kiseleva met with them to thank personally for investing their time and efforts to the show's success. An informal meeting of the volunteers and organisers, who have been working side by side to make the show happen, took place on January 7.

Volunteers were those who met and saw spectators off at the entrance and gave them their sincere smiles and attention. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Maria Kiseleva handed volunteers letters of commendation and said that the show's success, a warm atmosphere of the family holiday, content smiles and spectators' positive feedback would be impossible without volunteers' individual contribution. Thanks to the volunteers' professionalism and positive attitude, athletes, artists, and organisers of the show enjoyed working in Kazan. At the meeting, the volunteers remembered another example of their wonderful collaboration with Maria Kiseleva - the Volunteer of the Year 2012 Awards, where Maria, who was the Kazan 2013 Ambassador at that time, volunteered to be an MC. On behalf of a huge army of Kazan 2013 volunteers, they presented her with a recording of that ceremony.

The New Year's show, The Little Mermaid and Pirate Treasure, was the first of four projects implemented by the Maria Kiseleva team in Kazan, and it was held under the patronage of the Government of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kazan Mayor's Office. The debut was hailed a success, and, as Maria promised, 'the New Year's tree on the water' shows will become a good tradition for Kazan, and next year residents and visitors of the capital of Tatarstan will have yet another New Year's gift.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate