27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Cultural Universiade is two weeks of holiday!

Bright, rich, enchanting - these are characteristics of the project Cultural Universiade which ends today. Performances, concerts, street shows, and exhibitions - all these activities of the Cultural Universiade took place from 4 to 18 of July in all cultural institutions of the capital of Tatarstan. These days theatres and museums operated according to a special schedule and presented their most vivid creations to residents and guests of Kazan.


As a part of the Cultural Universiade in Kazan, 6 museums and 6 Kazan theatres kept open their doors for visitors. 48 theatre performances,14 of which were for a young audience were staged. We should also mention the opera and ballet festival at the Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil (July 6-17); well-known artists from the whole world became its participants. The festival was completed with the gala concert of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Ihe 3rd White Lilac International Sergey Rachmaninoff Festival was postponed so that to hold it during the Games. Several concerts with the participation of world celebrities, such as Denis Matsuev, Andrey Korobeynikov, and Frederick Kempf, took place as part of the Cultural Universiade.


An important part of the Cultural Universiade programme was the visit of guests to the Tatar national holiday Sabantuy which was held this year, according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on July 13, the middle of the Universiade.

Also the tour of the famous representatives of the Russian circus dynasty - Zapashnye Brothers Circus - took place in Kazan.

The heart of the cultural programme of the Games was the Universiade Park situated on the embankment of the Kazanka River in the square in front of the Palace of Farmers. The park was open daily from 12.00 to 23.00 from 4 to 17 of July. During the day you could visit this park free of charge, in the evening - only if you had tickets of the competition day and accreditation.


According to the official data, the park was visited by more than 200,000 people in total. July 11 became the most visited day as 32 thousand 524 people attended it. The maximum number of people who could be at the same time in the park was 35 thousand people.

Everyday the park was attended by distinguished guests, the Kazan 2013 Ambassadors, as well as by athletes. Well-known artists and bands presented on its main stage. On July 15 the world premiere of the Tatar opera The White Wolf (Ak Bure) was prepared for the park's guests.

The performance of the world famous Cirque de Soleil became a real decoration of the park; they prepared the special outdoor show for Kazan.


However, the implemntation of the project Cultural Universiade began in 2010, long before the 27th World Summer University Games. Since then several significant events were organised. From 21 to 25 of September 2011 Kazan hosted the first international dance project. During the project Kazan was visited by the world's leading teachers and choreographers, dance professionals, actors and directors of film, foreign, musicals and theatres, the champions of the most prestigious dance world championships from America and Europe.

The Torch Relay became an important part of the Cultural Universiade. It started on July 12, 2012. The lighting of the Flame took place in Sorbonne University of Paris, where the first in the history 'World Student Games' were held in 1923. More than half a million students from 51 cities of the world took part in the Torch Relay. The Torch Relay finished on July 6, 2013 in Kazan - on the Opening Day of the 27th Summer Universiade.


Along with the education of athletes, test events and training of volunteer teams, the organisers of the Universiade formed the UNI-reserve and UNI-elite. Young boys and girls who are taking their first steps on the stage, but have already managed to demonstrate their talents have been included to the team of UNI-reserve. UNI-elite consists of those who have already won the recognition of the audience and experts in different arts. It is important that the format of the project supposed different genres of its participants; this permitted to select performers of popular music, representatives of rock and rap culture, pop and folk dance, as well as masters of recitation, beat boxers, and musicians-instrumentalists.

The project Mercy was aimed at supporting vulnerable people. It provided for the charity performances of professional creative teams of Russia and Tatarstan in the specific institutions for socially unprotected layers of population.


As part of the Cultural Universiade, the contest for the best song about Kazan and the 27th Summer Universiade, entitled 'Russia, Kazan, Universiade!' was held. The winner's name was announced on June 28. Members of the rock band Progulshchiki became the winners of the Grand Prix. Its soloists received special prizes from the Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate, and got the opportunity to shoot video for their song We are the Winners. The best performer was chosen by TV viewers through voting during live broadcast. Also, the jury selected 15 worthiest songs by other contest participants. Songs became the part of the collection You are the World.


Due to the Cultural Universiade project, the 27th World Summer University Games have become a true holiday of art and festival of traditions! We also add that such project was implemented the first time in the history as part of the Universiade.

Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate