27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Alekseyenko: The victory at the Universiade means a lot to the Russian rugby

The gold medals of the Kazan Universiade, won by the Russian rugby players, have great importance for both athletes and Russian rugby in whole, the Russian head coach Alexander Alekseyenko said.


Universiade. Day 12. Rugby 7. Finals © RIA Novosti

On Wednesday, the Russians beat the French with the score 29:19 in the final match of the rugby sevens tournament.

"Only five people who were at the World Cup were not presented in this team. We wanted to rehabilitate ourselves for the World Cup, yet the small final is not our final, not what we expected. I think we pleased our fans and ourselves. I'm proud of the guys. Believe me, this victory is very important for the guys and the Russian rugby", - Alekseyenko told to the reporters of R-Sport. However, the Russian head coach did not consider the victory at the Universiade as the full compensation for the failure at the World Cup in Moscow. "No need to put these two events on one level, but still it is a significant victory for our internal resources.  It was not easy to get together after the World Cup. Lots of guys have already played two matches in the classic rugby. And then it was not easy to switch to the "sevens", but the guys did it "- he explained. The specialist noted that the thorough analysis of the opponent and precise performance of the coaching setup were the basis for the success of the Russian rugby team,some mistakes during the game were caused by the rejuvenation of the team. "After the World Cup we update the team: all the guys, except of Vladimir Ostroushko, Igor Galinovsky and Victor Gresev, who are the core of the team, are young and quite promising. I would like to continue to work with them in order that the young guys around them imporve,"- Alekseyenko concluded.



R-Sport, July 17