27th Summer Universiade in Kazan,

July 6-17 2013

Argakov: Matches are replayed at practically every Universiade

The replay of a table tennis match that took place in Kazan was not the first such event at the Universiade, said Representative of the Organizing Committee of the Games and First Vice President of the Federation of Table Tennis of Tatarstan Gennady Argakov.

The opponents of the Russian Mikhail Paikov and Vyacheslav Burova from Hong Kong did not appear on July 12 at the pre-established time for the quarter-final doubles match. They were given a technical defeat, but on the next day the technical committee decided to have a rematch. The sole representative of the committee who voted against a rematch was Roman Markov, director of the competitions. 


Universiade. Table tennis. Men's. Doubles. © RIA Novosti/Alexander Kryazhev

"The FISU technical delegation of the made the decision to hold a rematch and said that there are rematches at practically every Universiade", Argakov informed the R-Sport agency. "These people came to win, and I think that there needs to be a sporting principle of selection, and so things need to be done fairly and not messed around with". He said that the athletes from Hong Kong had received incorrect information about the date of their match with the Russians. "Hong Kong received a schedule on which the game was on July 13, and there is an official confirmation paper", Argakov said. "And so the Hong Kong team was not at fault". The interviewee of the agency believes that the resolution of the Table-Tennis Federation of Russia (TTFR) to protest the decision to hold a rematch is poorly thought out. "If I were one of the heads of the Federation, I would without a doubt have taken the side of our committee and taken advantage of it. Russia was able to get all of Asia onto its side, and we protest and protest. How are they going to support us now? You also have to think about the future. If the Federation had acted wisely, it would be sitting pretty", said Argakov. 

R-Sport, July 16