Conference abstracts requirements and format


    The abstracts can be presented in English, French, or Russian languages.

    Length- do not exceed a maximum of 700 words

    Requirements for pages and text format:

    • Page format - A4 (210mm × 297mm)
    • Margins at the top, bottom sides – 20 mm
    • Margin at the left side – 30 mm, right side – 15 mm
    • Single spacing
    • Times New Roman or Courier
    • 12pt type, Bold
    • Alignment – justified

    The format of the abstract should be as follows (line by line)

    1. Report title
    2. Names of author(s) and titles
    3. Name of the educational institution, represented by the author(s)
    4. City and country
    5. Type of presentation (e.g. oral presentation, poster or both, etc.)
    6. Complete contact details of at least one of the authors
    7. Abstract body text:
    8. Introduction (relevance of the research)
    9. Aim of the research
    10. Methods
    11. The results of the research and Discussion (scientific merit, novelty and practical application)

    The paper can be presented in English, French, or Russian languages.

    Length: Between 6500 and 10000 words

    It is allowed to place no more than 5-7 images (for the paper) in the following formats: jpg, tif (300 dpi resolution, black and white, with nogrey tone limitation or in color). Images must be inserted in the text and repeated in separate files.

    The full paper must include the following additional parts:

    1. Key words/concepts of the paper
    2. Annotation or summary (must not exceed 100 words)
    3. Conclusions and learning objectives
    4. References

    Posters will be selected on the basis of a number of criteria including originality, impact/importance, relevance, quality and clarity.

    Posters will be printed on behalf of the Conference organisers. The maximum size for each poster is A0: 841 mm (width) x 1189 mm (height) (33.11 inches x 46.82 inches). Posters should be clearly visible from a distance of two metres, thus it requires a good quality.