FISU Conference: a significant event in the field of sports education

Only a few days remain until a long-awaited event in the field of sports education - the "University and Olympic Sports: Two Models - One Goal?" FISU Conference. This year's conference, which is considered highly important by experts, takes place July 14-17 at the Main International Centre in the Universiade Village.

The organisers of the conference are the International University Sports Federation, the Executive Directorate of 27th Summer Universiade 2013 in Kazan, the FISU International Education Centre and the Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism.

The conference's organisational committee received more than 500 applications to take part and selected more than 320 submissions from scientists, postgraduates and university students from 20 countries around the world. It is ready to receive participants to discuss pertinent issues regarding education in the field of sports. Among the questions that will be discussed during the conference are: The legacy of the Olympic Games, the place of sport in various educational systems, the question of dual careers for student-athletes, women in university and Olympic sports, and many other questions.

The FISU First Adviser, Chairperson of the FISU Education Committee and Deputy Chairperson of the FISU Development Committee, Alison Odell, gave her views on the upcoming conference. "The conference's themes reflect the different aspects of hosting major sporting events, including historical, social, technological cultural and, above all, the legacy aspects of the Student and Olympic Games, which can better our lives after the completion of the event," said Odell. "I especially look forward to appearances by speakers concerning the question of media communications, technology and dual careers, because these topics can provide ideas for supporting the new generation of athletes and broaden the profile and reach of the FISU's activities. For the International University Sports Federation, education is a significant part of our strategic line and we strive to use the conference for developing interaction between education and sport. It is namely interaction that can improve the quality of knowledge of student-athletes, as well as allow them to realise their potential through our training. I hope that for members of the official delegations that as part of the Summer Universiade, the FISU conference will become an event that will inspire them to new ideas and confirm the important role of sport in our everyday life, regardless of the model:  University or Olympic."

The "University and Olympic Sports: Two Models - One Goal?" FISU Conference is taking place July 14-17 at the Main International Centre in the Universiade Village. More detailed information concerning the FISU conference can be found at the event's official site.


Media Department of Kazan 2013 Executive Directorate